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With over 15 years of experience in embedded GUI development and now as the official Embedded Wizard distributor for Romania and Hungary, Mindware Solutions team share their expertise to realize your product.

Mindware Solutions offers state of the art embedded software development services such as: full GUI Development, User Experience Concept, GUI Prototype, Custom widgets or TV Solutions development and provides full platform integration and porting support, performance optimizations and automated testing.

Embedded GUI Development

Optimize your time-to-market and budget allocation with a ready-to-use, sustainable and flexible GUI. From planning to implementation and maintenance, with in-depth knowledge and experience, we can take care of the full development cycle.
Lack of UI or UX design ideas? No worries, we've got that covered for you as well.
Our developement proccess:
  • understanding the customer expectation
  • project's scope, definition and schedule definition
  • requirements collection, analysis and prioritization (with customer/partner)
  • system and legal constrains detection
  • concept and design (with customer/partner)
  • implementation and porting to target platform
  • adaptation to customer's MW
  • automated documentation generation
  • automated regression testing
  • continuous synchronization with the customer
  • fast and guaranteed response time
  • bug tracking alignment process
  • incremental releases
  • monthly status reports

Embedded GUI Prototype

The “If you build it, they will come” paradigm does not apply in the embedded GUI development world, hence, prototyping is a key factor in ensuring that what you build connects with and will be used by your audience. A GUI prototype plays a huge role in bringing ideas to life.
Our GUI Prototype Development Process:
Prototype Design
It all starts with your UI design ideas and the most important aspects of the prototype (~5 screens). If you don’t have a design yet, we can recommend you one of our partner design agencies.
Prototype Development
We start the development work focusing on functionality, aesthetics, and performance and always keep a close contact with you to ensure that we get the best out of your design on the dedicated platform.
Prototype Delivery
The end result is a ready-to-use prototype which runs on your dedicated hardware. The delivery includes an Embedded Wizard project (as source code) and the executable for your target platform.

Custom widgets

Widgets are an essential aspect in GUI enhancement and customization. From stunning action buttons to more complex elements such as diagonal scrolling lists, we can create the widget that best fits your needs.
Reusable, configurable and easy to integrate in any part of the code, our widgets can make a significant difference in implementing your design.
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TV Solutions

Enrich the TV experience with well-known features such as HbbTV, EPG, PVR or Replay TV. We develop custom tailored components, for broadcast and broadband (IPTV and OTT) TV services, compliant with your QoE and QoS demands.
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Application Software

Whether you require a custom application or an update/extension to your available software, we can provide cost-effective, quick and high-quality solutions which fit your needs and budget.
We have extensive experience in standalone and client-server desktop and web application development with various technologies.

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Have you ever thought that developing GUIs for embedded devices could be really fast and easy? Watch the video and get to know Embedded Wizard’s workflow and how it simplifies your GUI development.

Embedded Wizard

Embedded Wizard is offering a unique integrated approach to GUI development, with dedicated programming language, generating highly efficient C code, a very low footprint graphics toolkit, an integrated instant prototyper offering the same look and feel on the host machine.
We have used Embedded Wizard for a very large number of embedded projects (few examples here), following it's evolution to a very modern and robust tool which is today. Our experience included hacking platform packages to fit for various target microcontrollers, building custom widget set, designing applications for better UX, creating automated testing environments for continuous integration and regression tests (both on host and target).
Based on this experience we can highly recommend it as the number one choice for embedded GUI development from very low resource tiny interfaces to high-end itegrated solutions.

What you get:

Composer and prototyper
  • real-time interpreting chora code
  • instant feedback on all aspect of graphic design
  • fully prototyping environment (statically and dinamically)
  • memory and resource usage monitor
  • can be connected to real middleware
Chora and Mosaic
  • object-oriented languge featuring native graphic design elements (Chora)
  • code is compiled into native ANSI C
  • generated code is compiled to target with highest efficiency possible
  • fullye customizable widget set covering every usual GUI element (Mosaic)
  • single royalty free development license
  • platform packages for various embedded processors
  • professional onsite support
  • Tara Systems certified training
  • prototype and component development services

Testing framework

It is well known that proper testing is highly important in ensuring that all the QoS and QoE requirements are met. In case of GUIs, having a testing framework available is vital. Besides providing all the required support for running various test scenarios, it also ensures that the GUI can be tested independent of the underlying middleware.
To ensure more accurate, consistent and reliable results, we recommend the Embedded Wizard's proprietary testing framework add-on which is able to perform various types of automated tests and provide continuous feedback.
Testing framework features:
Screenshot & Status Comparison
Regression Tests Acceptance Tests
Uses screenshots and GUI statuses as references and compares them to the ones resulted after some implementation changes. The resulted differences (expected or not) will be highlighted and reported.
Test Recording
Regression Tests Acceptance Tests
Records and logs manual tests, including every touch and keystroke. The recorded sequence can be replayed whenever required to ensure that all requirements are met and that everything works as the user expects it to.
Test Coding
Integration Tests Unit Tests
Provides support for custom test sequences definition and implementation with all the required data/user inputs which allows stand-alone components testing either completly isolated or in the context of the entire system.